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How to Get More Painting Contracts

How to Get More Painting Contracts

Are you into the painting business? Is it suffering from earning expected revenue? Worry not because the commercial painting service in Vancouver is here to give you a detailed account of how you can increase the revenue of your painting business and get more contracts. Here you can know about the 4 steps to get more painting contracts.

Four Steps for Generating Painting Contracts

Generating more contracts is one of the biggest challenges of any kind of service-based business. Generally, there are four steps that you should follow to get more clients and to grow your painting business. These four steps are as follows:


  • Know the difference between your commercial and residential client markets
  • Build a reputation and connections through hands-on experience
  • Market yourself through networking, meetups, and advertisements
  • Be professional by making a good first impression both online and in-person

Now, let’s take a look at each one of them in detail

  • Decide who your clients are

In the painting business, you will find two types of clients – commercial clients and residential clients. If you want your homes to get painted, then you belong to the category of residential clients. On the contrary, if you need painting to be done at your office space or any community or building, then you belong to the category of commercial clients.

Normally, the residential clients are not long-term because there are so many things that need to be painted both interior and exterior. Whereas, the commercial clients offer long-term painting contracts with a twist. The twist is the painters need to maintain deadlines. Getting commercial clients solely relies on your connections and networks while residential clients tend to rely mostly on marketing your painting business.

  • Building a reputation

Just like any other business big or small, you need to build a reputation for yourself in order to get more contracts. First, you need to start with hands-on experience. Make sure that every job you do is of good quality, is completed on time, and also you need to maintain your professionalism.

One of the major aspects of creating a good reputation is to deliver high standards of work. Remember, the jobs that you take up should influence your client’s viewpoint.

  • Marketing yourself

That being said, it is better not to rely completely on word-of-mouth popularity in order to market your business. In the commercial painting industry, a lot of contracts are based on who you know and if you are just starting, probably you do not know a lot of people. Look out for meetups and networking events.

When you meet potential clients, make yourself stand out by going above and beyond what your competitor or another commercial painter would do. When you refer your business to others, do not forget to carry your business card along with you. Position your business in such a way that you can attract potential clients.

  • Focusing on professionalism

Another important aspect that needs special mention is showcasing professionalism. Your clients need to see your professionalism both online and offline. Most of the clients you will be working with are legitimate businesses, especially in commercial painting.

Hence, you want to make sure that you have the following things:

  • A business address
  • Business operation software
  • Operations and maintenance manuals

Having an address adds credibility and professionalism to your business. Also, consider using a separate business phone number, business email address, and voicemail. At the end of every job, you can hand over a manual to your clients that would include paint brand, colors, rooms, or spaces painted, and the like.


Commercial painting can be a very intimidating industry to work in if you know to follow the right strategy to get established.

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